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Artist Details

Clara Bacou

Clara Bacou was born in London; she is sixteen years old.  Around her home in Camden Town is a multicultural and heterogeneous way of life, a maze of markets and the people who walk them, constant inspiration for alternative culture, music and art.

Summer holidays spent in the south of France in a high altitude oasis of forests and lakes is Clara's inspiration. The foliage, water and animals produce her diary-like drawings and collage of experiences.

Clara is currently studying Art, Philosophy, Psychology and English for her A-Level exams at Camden School, with the hope to continue studying arts.

In July 2011 the director of Robert Kananaj Gallery noticed Clara Bacou's work from a collaboration project with Canadian artist Stefan Thompson that had started in 2009. This collaboration has fueled a new perception between these two artists, and has been a great influence on Clara's art work since.

Robert Kananaj Gallery is the first gallery representing Clara Bacou.